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  • Need a gift for that discerning geek on your list? We've got you covered. Choose from any of these hand-picked gems, or you could always just get a gift certificate and let them make the hard decisions.

    N7 Elite Armour Stripe Hoody

    The regular Armour Stripe Hoody is the best selling thing we've made for the store. We wanted to offer something a little more special, so we've made the Elite Armour Stripe Hoody. It's a completely custom made cut and sew piece, with a lot of really special touches, and just feels nicely made when you hold it or wear it. We're rather fond of how it turned out, and so far everyone that's seen it has been too. It's really soft and comfortable, and has a blizzard neck to keep you extra warm. There's a sharp looking tonal hood liner, a rad little molded N7 zipper pull, and a special pocket for your electronics (with a headphone cable pass-through).

    For even more improvements over the original, there's no printing at all. The N7 is fully embroidered, and the stripe is a fabric applique. Did I mention we pulled out all the stops? I guess what I'm trying to say is this thing is probably nicer than words can really describe, so I'll just shut up and let you get to it.

    Spoil them

    N7 Mug

    Who doesn't want a mug as a gift? They're functional and useful, they let you declare your allegiance to things you wouldn't necessarily want on a bumper sticker, and they're inexpensive and informal enough that you can pretty much buy one for anybody on your list without fear of them reading too much into it. The perfect gift. You're welcome.

    I'll drink to that

    Character Mini-Litho 5 Pack

    Five mini lithographs? Each of them featuring some of the coolest concept art for some of the coolest characters from Mass Effect 2? What was the question again? This one is kind of a no-brainer.

    Just get it already

    N7 Aluminum Sports Bottle

    There was a whole thing a while back about it being unsafe to drink water from plastic bottles. You're probably familiar. You may not be familiar with our N7 aluminum sports bottle, however. Allow me to introduce it to you. Now, you feel free to get acquainted while I just stay out of your way over here.

    Don't mind me

    Joker's SR2 Hat

    Joker is the sarcastic and lovable pilot of the Normandy. This is the hat he wears. Everybody loves Joker, and it turns out a great many people also love wearing his hat.

    No joke

    Normandy CIC Messenger Bag

    Remember when people wore those absurdly tiny little backpacks to the mall and everyone thought they were super cool even though they couldn't hold anything? Those days are gone, thankfully, and the new thing to put your stuff in order to carry it around with you is the messenger bag. This messenger bag is made of dark, heavyweight canvas with zipper pouches and brass hardware. It's a serious messenger bag for serious people. Though it's also appropriate for all kinds of other people, too; I mean, it's just a bag. An awesome bag. For awesome people....

    I'm awesome

    Liara and Tali Pinup Tees

    Remember when we made that Miranda Pinup Tee and everyone loved it because the art was pretty cool, even though Miranda wasn't really anybody's favorite character? Well, now we have these two brand new tees with some more popular characters on them. Just makes sense, right? Seriously, though, they came out great, and we're pretty proud of them.

    N7 Woven

    That's right. We made some wovens. We heard that's what the kids like wearing these days. We didn't really know where to put them in the store, so they've been in the kind of catch-all category of "Outerwear", which probably didn't make them super findable and maybe you and yours aren't aware they exist. So if you were looking for some kind of Mass Effect top that's fancier than a t-shirt, here's your huckleberry.

    Dress it up a bit

    The Team Unsigned Lithograph

    Come on. Just look at this art.

    This thing is a gorgeous 18" by 24" lithograph, printed on nice 100lb paper stock, suitable for framing, but good looking enough to hang on your wall just as it is (dorm style). I know everyone plays Mass Effect for the story, but with art like this, sometimes you have to look at the pictures too....

    Hang it

  • These items are for the collectors on your list. They're either something exclusive to our store that you can't get anywhere else, or they're limited editions of which there are only so many in the world (some of these are both of those).

    M-8 Avenger Assault Rifle 1:1 Replica

    Okay. At $650 this is kind of ridiculous. We freely acknowledge that. But it's also kind of amazing....

    I mean, seriously. It's totally hand-painted, precision-crafted, limited edition and clocks in at 20 pounds. The only way this thing could be more bad-ass is if it shot rainbow colored laser beams when you pulled the trigger. Nothing is more bad-ass than rainbow lasers, but this thing is a close second.

    Go big

    Art of the Mass Effect Universe - Collector's Edition

    This art book is being published by Dark Horse and is coming out in February. In addition to the sneak peak we've gotten (ME3 spoilers!!1!), Dark Horse is making an exclusive edition just for the BioWare Store. There's an extra section of content dedicated to the art of the comics, and the whole thing comes in a cool looking clamshell case.

    Because this isn't shipping early, you can't hand this one over as a tangible gift. But since there are only 1500 of them in existence, I'm sure whatever Mass Effect fan you buy it for will be appropriately appreciative of your calling dibs on their behalf before the books sell out forever.

    (We're also selling a less limited, but just-as-exclusive slipcover edition. No extra section, but it's not as fancy/expensive if that's more your speed.)


    Mass Effect: Evolution Hardcover Graphic Novel

    Originally released as a four-part comic book mini-series, this book collects the whole storyline into 112 pages in a handsome hardcover binding. Only 2000 were produced, and you can only get the hardcover edition from us. Priced at $19.99 for the holidays, these are a great way to let that special Mass Effect fan on your list in on some extra story outside the games.

    Hard to pass up

    N7 Flight Suit

    I told them we should have made an N7 Track Suit, but I was voted down. Apparently there's some liability issues with shipping that much polyester across international lines or something. They made this Flight Suit instead, but I'm pretty sure we're missing out on something that could be pretty potent.

    Flight suit up

    Prototype SR2 and Dead Reaper Signed Lithographs

    Every time we release new lithographs, fans swarm the store in droves and nearly bring the server to its [metaphorical] knees. We get lots of complaints from the unlucky ones that can't secure a copy that the process is unfair. For the release of these two lithos, we tried increasing the amount produced so more people could have a chance at owning one.

    This ended up being a rather unpopular decision, and is a mistake we won't be making again. But all of that doesn't change the fact that these are beautiful hand-numbered pieces of art, individually signed by the artists.

  • Only the best for you and yours.

    Miranda Pinup Tee

    This was our first pin-up tee. Ahhh, the good old days. We had to walk uphill in the snow just to deliver this design to the printer. And we were happy to do it, because it built character. And we were able to print it for a nickel. And we advertised it on Friendster. Yadda yadda yadda....

    Get off my lawn

    N7 Armour Stripe Hoody

    This is by far our most successful item...ever. It can be found literally everywhere. If you know someone who has one, buy them the new Elite version. If you know someone who doesn't have one, well, you should probably still buy them the Elite version. But if for any reason you want to get this one instead, I suppose we'd still be willing to sell it to you. If you twist our arm.

    The timeless classic

    N7 Logo Tee

    It turns out that the N7 logo really works on apparel.

    For the money

    N7 Armour Stripe Tee

    This shirt is for all the days you wish you could wear your N7 Hoody without all the extra to-do of having sleeves and a zipper. You've had those days before, right?

    No? Oh, neither. [stares at feet]

    For the show

    Ladies N7 Tank Top

    It's possible that you're noticing a pattern here.

    To get ready

    Our Bestselling Character Tees

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